RESONATE: Elevating Cultural Leadership for the 21st Century

In 2024, we launched RESONATE – a pioneering cultural consultancy dedicated to empowering organisations and individuals to embrace their role as cultural leaders. Grounded in over 25 years of experience spanning the performing arts, community engagement and thought leadership, our mission is to bridge gaps, enable opportunities, and connect art to diverse audiences.

Our Holistic Approach to Cultural Leadership

Our strategic advisory services are underpinned by a transformative model of Organisational Cultural Leadership (OCL). This holistic approach equips cultural institutions with the skills, mindset and governance structures to lead authentically, foster inclusive cultures, and drive positive social change within their communities.

Complementing our OCL framework, we offer specialised services in:

Strategic Advisory
Design forward-thinking strategies to navigate complex landscapes, seize innovative opportunities and elevate your organisation’s impact.

Audience & Community Engagement
Develop immersive audience engagement initiatives and community-centric programming to cultivate loyal, diverse patronage and strengthen societal bonds.

Leadership Development
Empower the next generation of cultural leaders through tailored training, mentorship and career acceleration programs.

Leveraging the Power of the Arts

As the host of the acclaimed Decoding Cultural Leadership podcast, our founder, Samuel Cairnduff, is a respected thought leader on the role of arts and culture in driving social progress. We leverage this platform to amplify diverse voices, share industry insights and spark vital conversations around the future of cultural leadership.

Our Substack series further explores urgent topics such as organisational culture, social responsibility, and the evolving purpose of cultural institutions. We are committed to modelling the transparency, accountability, and community-centric approach we believe is essential for 21st-century cultural leadership.

Partner for Lasting Change

Choose RESONATE as your strategic ally in elevating cultural leadership. Together, let’s navigate the evolving landscape, unlock new possibilities, and create a future where the arts powerfully transform lives and communities.