Leadership Training

RESONATE is a holistic leadership program to empower the next generation of cultural leaders. Tailored for arts and cultural organisations, it equips participants with essential skills, mindset, and insights to navigate the professional music landscape.

Program Overview

RESONATE aims to nurture effective and empathetic leadership alongside honed musical skills. It’s crafted for musicians considering professional careers, developing leadership roles, or exploring social impact through music.

Delivery Mode

RESONATE offers a flexible learning experience, combining interactive workshops, digital materials, and one-on-one mentoring.

Modules Overview

RESONATE covers essential topics: leadership, strategic planning, effective communication, community engagement, personal branding, and career development. Optional modules such as fundraising, advocacy, and media training are available.

Program Flow

Participants engage in immersive workshop-style modules that focus on discussion, sharing, and peer learning. Built on a constructivist philosophy, the program fosters collaboration and empathy, enhancing leadership capabilities in a supportive environment.


Upon completion, participants gain enhanced leadership skills, a strategic mindset, and a deeper understanding of social impact through music. They also develop confidence, resilience, and collaboration abilities, becoming part of the next generation of cultural leaders.

Ready to unlock your organisation’s leadership potential with RESONATE? 

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